Hazzard County

Unless you were born yesterday, there is no need to point out the obvious inspiration for this machine. I can date [...]

DIY: Paint your bike

DIY: PAINT YOUR BIKE I’ve always had a thing for orange, and the source of inspiration is obvious.    I’d done [...]


Inspiration taken while trackstanding at the lights.  Don't let this pass you by, Override jersey and Nero bibs by Endo, Krylon [...]

Plenty of time

Plenty Gorge I grew up with the Plenty Gorge and Blue Lake at my back door.  The first pant soiling experience [...]

2013 – The year of CX

My first 'CX' bike was a modified track bike with knobbies.  It had a 55" gearing or thereabouts and no brakes. [...]

A bit on the side

I bought my first Trek back in the 90s.  It was a Thursday morning, I'd just bought the Trading Post and [...]