Keep your Blade sharp.

Since the mid 90's, the Australian National Track team have ridden locally design, developed and produced frames.  Local to FYXO also [...]

Campagnolo Pista

    Not everyday that one of these babies rolls your way.

Summer Lovin’


The oldish guard

  Ronasaur.  Circa 2007. Jim Bundy Pista with Everest Lugs. One of many fine frames to be Ronn'd to death on the streets [...]

If you could have any bike…

What would it be? I was asked this question in an elevator, in Vancouver on a wet and miserable day a decade ago. [...]

TK’s Richard Sachs Pista

It wasn't so long ago on the old FYXOmatosis site I posted images of this frameset and a story to go [...]

I really like this wall

#baaw / Bike against a wall.  

Worlds Fastest Track Bike

Red is the undisputed fastest colour!         This 53cm beauty will be available soon as a frameset in the SHOP. [...]

N + 4


Track Tiger

The tiger is patient, powerful and explosively fast.  Josiah Ng is a Track Tiger, the national animal of his nation.   His success is the [...]