WARLORD BattleAxe Tallbeast Trail Tool

'Trails don't build themselves' If you aren't the type to venture off bitumen, let alone gravel then this post may not interest you. [...]

SINGLESPEED Zebra Crossing

Rare Beast Spotted in the Wild It wasn't that long ago the 26" was THE standard wheel size, and you don't have to [...]

Hazzard County

Unless you were born yesterday, there is no need to point out the obvious inspiration for this machine. I can date [...]

Plenty Gorge is not Plenty George

The Plenty Gorge has a special place in my heart.  It was the first place I explored on MTB.  The first [...]

Hose Down: 7 Aug

Damian Auton is pushing the word of Warburton far and wide, and now with government funding this sleepy little village is set to become Mountain Bike Mecca. […]

Y2K Bug

  Almost immediately after the world didn't end in 2000, I quit my marketing role against the advice of my parents, bought a [...]


  Every Thursday.  7am. Meet at 'The Gate' for a 2~ hour rip around the trails of Plenty Gorge.   For Stravaphiles you [...]

Plenty of time

Plenty Gorge I grew up with the Plenty Gorge and Blue Lake at my back door.  The first pant soiling experience [...]

A bit on the side

I bought my first Trek back in the 90s.  It was a Thursday morning, I'd just bought the Trading Post and [...]

Dust Digest

One thing about hire bikes in the USA is the brake setup.  They do it ‘one’ way, and we Australian’s do it ‘another’. [...]