How to trackstand

Some many cyclists I know are still amazed at the most humble of cycling skills - the trackstand. Cyclingtips asked me to break [...]

Tales of an Exenger – Vol 3

  Winter, 2005. Hardly seems fair to call it winter with no snow on the ground. The sun never flies high enough in [...]

No shit bicycles…

  This is the needle in my haystack of photos. In 2004 I departed my home of Melburn with a goal of working around the world as a bike courier / messenger / delivery person. When this photo was taken in 2005, I’d done just that.  A stint in damp ol’ Vancouver for NOVEX, a stopover in Portland for an alleycat, another stint in San Francisco for Pelican Delivery, then to New York to work for A to Z, delivering food at night for the East Village institution of Mama’s  (I could write a book on that experience alone). I returned to London, the place my bike courier career began to work for Scream Couriers where King Donne and I dragged amongst other things,  portfolios and clothes bags from one end of London to the other with great speed. Between jobs, Donne and I would lament the weather, the money, the lack of work, the ridiculous size of jobs booked as standards, the lengths we’d go to collect a package, the near misses, the newbies, and the weather still over cups of tea as we’d stand by. When I had departed on this adventure, my bike (pictured above in red) was in great shape.   A year on the road, through deluges of rain, many feet of snow, sleet and hot summers had taken it’s toll.  Broken cogs, snapped stems, bearings ground to oblivion, worn chainrings, torn saddles and countless tyres and tubes. This was a time when my only bike was this track bike.  A lot of +1’s were to come. It was a great adventure that I recall fondly for the experiences it gave me and the people I met,  many of which are unlocked by finding a simple photo I thought I’d lost. […]

The Kamikaze Pilots of the 90s

The names have changed, so have the drivetrains and wheel sizes - everything else remains the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzp8BUluUjo   Featuring Petri of [...]

The road

  I don't miss the road - but I do miss the people. #messlife

The oldish guard

  Ronasaur.  Circa 2007. Jim Bundy Pista with Everest Lugs. One of many fine frames to be Ronn'd to death on the streets [...]


This will be the one CMWC I will be sad to miss.  It's got crazy written all over it. https://vimeo.com/80032388   More [...]

Jim’s Messenger Service

    Another gem from the FYXO Inbox. Has the makings of a killer T-Shirt if you ask me. Thanks 'John Cool'.

When I get you alone

All this talk of Robin #Thicke reminded me of this gem from his 'Eddie Vedder' period.  Hat tip to Lucas Brunelle.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7K7orMOHqY [...]