Vanilla is the new Black

VANILLA IS THE NEW BLACK Using my own perspective to parallel the world of frame builders and bicycle bloggers – I’ve [...]


No one seemed to mind that Wonderwall was the same chords played in different order. http://youtu.be/hwd7Zu8W9h4   Whatever.  

The power of Art

The first time I heard of Gianna Motta it was not from the annals of the Giro D'Italia.  It was by [...]

Bicycle Swap Meet – Roobaix Edition

    Pick up a bargain, a coffee and register for Melburn Roobaix on the same day!   Prizes to be won on the day $1  Sausage Sizzle Good times […]

The road

  I don't miss the road - but I do miss the people. #messlife

Not Beach Rd.

  There is a road out there with your name on it. #notbeachrd 

The oldish guard

  Ronasaur.  Circa 2007. Jim Bundy Pista with Everest Lugs. One of many fine frames to be Ronn'd to death on the streets [...]

Bicycle Swap Meet – Christmas Edition


Down in the drops.

Boom! Sometimes the outtakes convey the day better.    

Merckx Molteni

Only an inner cables width seperates this gallery and Daisy Duke in the popularity stakes so when it came to choosing [...]

Great(est) Victorian Bike Ride – Melbourne to Bendigo

DAY 1 – 222KM OR THEREABOUTS. So easy to plan when you’re sat down at a desk.  That’s just where I was in [...]

2013 – The Roobaix that was

If I never create anything cooler than this years Melburn Roobaix I’ll die a happy man. How I can top 2013 I have no idea – but I’ve got a few months to dream it up. You can read all about the 8th Annual Melburn Roobaix inside. […]