Rossin Vol I

This project has come to life just in time for this years L'Eroica. Frame and fork supplied, the build request was [...]

Next stop – L’Eroica

L'Eroica.  Pron: Le Roy E Ka.   It seems like an eternity ago that I packed my bag and bike for [...]

Tommasini Toscana

On the subject of Tommasini, a fine example is this 2nd tier Prestige with a very clean Campagnolo Super/Nuovo Record gruppo. [...]

Inside Tommasini

I’m not sure if it was the first Tommasini I ever saw in the flesh, but the one that stands out in my [...]

All you can eat.

Ti amo instagram! #allyoucaneat @fyxo

Caution. Hot!

At the coal face of frame production with the legendary Tommasini.  Full report coming soon.

L’Eroica – There is only one

L’Eroica. It happens but once a year. For some time now I’ve been addicted to the bikes that swarm to this town to [...]