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GSC & The Concrete Jungle

The last time I was in Los Angeles was on the evening of the Rodney King verdict. My other perceptions of [...]

Plan B / Golden Saddle Cyclery

http://vimeo.com/107930426   Love it!

Hump day!

http://vimeo.com/91291965   My kind of ride!

Blue Order

    Blue Monday // Speedvagen Style Vanilla Workshop

Land Shark

The first time I crossed paths with a Land Shark it was in the basement of a house I was couch [...]

Home run!

Home and away!  

Take a load off

Friday night and what better way to spend my last night in LA than riding to the top of the mountain to watch [...]

See you at the top

On my last day in LA the Golden Saddle S.C. planned a ride to the top of Mt Wilson - via [...]