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Eddy Merckx Team Weinmann

This bike has some history. Sourced NOS from the bunker of a Belgium bicycle store for a friend back in the [...]

Don’t ride upgrades – buy upgrades

I think that's what Eddy said?  Or was it 'Don't buy upgrades...' The Columbus tubed beauty featured is 'Straight outta Belgium', and [...]

The first bike

Everyone remembers their first - well so they say. I had trike, then bikes, but my blue 20" Hallmark BMX is [...]

Merckx vs Martini

Eddy doesn't care that it's not Monday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyinGsu5Q5A

Wish it was Sunday

  More Molteni


Steely Fan by name and by nature with a penchant for Merckx's. I got this postcard from him and it's too good not [...]

The Professional

Andy Hampsten 7-Eleven Eddy Merckx

You know you've got too many bikes when you forget this is tucked away. Books have been devoted to the [...]

Eddy Merckx Panasonic Tribute

This beauty was at the Australian Road National Championships on the weekend, freshly signed to complete the trio of signatures adorning [...]

De Rosa Drop in

Ugo De Rosa, the Legend. The Eddy Merckx 'SUPER CORSA' is original and one of Eddy's former bikes.  It's battered state [...]

Professional Road Model – Eddy Merckx

A picture says a thousand words.

If you could have any bike…

What would it be? I was asked this question in an elevator, in Vancouver on a wet and miserable day a decade ago. [...]

N + 4


There is paint and there is paint

THE RED WHITE AND BLUE I’ll be the first to admit that my favourite frames and brands were because of my attraction [...]


1989's the number. Sound of the funky drummer.     Brainfreeze. Nothing beats a 7-Eleven slurpee on a hot [...]

Wherever I lay my backside

That’s my home.   PATEBURY –  maker of fine leather goods do bartape, saddles and straps but at the sharp end of the custom spectrum with an aesthetic all their own.   […]

FYXO Extra

Whoever had the paint gun in hand at Eddy Merckx the day this frame rolled out definitely had something else on [...]

Who’s The Boss

The Boss is always right. There was a time when I would have considered taking such a great frame and twisting [...]

Merckx Molteni

Only an inner cables width seperates this gallery and Daisy Duke in the popularity stakes so when it came to choosing [...]

A Sunday in Hell – Paris Roobaix

AN EPIC POST FOR AND EPIC ADVENTURE. Appendix B. From Sean Yates in the break on his 7-Eleven Merckx, and then abandoning in [...]