A legend set in stone

Mapei Colnago C40 As Colnago releases the flagship C60 frameset, it is perhaps fitting to peer back two decades to the [...]

Apéritif with Ernesto

There is nothing more refreshing than an afternoon apéritif. This Colnago Super with 50th Anniversary project is just in time to [...]

Lino Messori

Great little doco on a little known legend. http://vimeo.com/109480079

Why stand when you can sit.

  An old project with original inspiration taken from Keirin Berlin. Next time you find an old classic that would normally be destined [...]

Fauxnago C4.0

Few bikes settle on as hallowed ground as the Colnago C40's in the Mapei colours. I knew if there was ever [...]

Colnago Master Olympic

What's not to love about the Colnago Master Olympic. Following the success of the Master, it featured elaborate DECOR paint schemes [...]

Can’t fight the disc brake revolution


Summer Lovin’


If you could have any bike…

What would it be? I was asked this question in an elevator, in Vancouver on a wet and miserable day a decade ago. [...]

Drillium Modernisimo.

Cream skimmed from the top of the FYXO inbox. G'day, I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration to build something [...]

Super Duper!


L’Eroica – There is only one

L’Eroica. It happens but once a year. For some time now I’ve been addicted to the bikes that swarm to this town to [...]

Merci Mapei

A FYXO tribute to the super team of the 90's - Mapei. Mapei stomped their name on the classics like few [...]


Let me rewind to how I came to ride track bikes in the first place. I started as a bike courier a [...]