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Raleigh Ti – Retro Review

      As I'm thrashing out the words to accompany the upcoming Retro Review I stumbled upon this gem from a Ride [...]

Rossin Vol I

This project has come to life just in time for this years L'Eroica. Frame and fork supplied, the build request was [...]

De Lovely.

  This early 80's De Rosa in the next in line for a FYXO overhaul.  Look forward to playing bike with it.  

Second chances

One of the great things about restorations is the second chance a relic can lead after it’s abandoned or abused previous life. [...]

Waiting for a mate

  Full set of this Somec build available soon. If you’d like a FYXO classic road bike of your own – start here.   […]

TK’s Richard Sachs Pista

It wasn't so long ago on the old FYXOmatosis site I posted images of this frameset and a story to go [...]

I really like this wall

#baaw / Bike against a wall.  

FYXO Extra

Whoever had the paint gun in hand at Eddy Merckx the day this frame rolled out definitely had something else on [...]

‘Plum Crazy’ Tommasini

Each Sunday for some time there was a local meet up of American Muscle at the end of my [...]

Gianni Motta

In Pursuit of Period Correctness

I wrote this piece for RIDE magazine’s ‘Retro Review’ a few editions past.  This would have to be one of the most [...]

The Project

Many moons ago I got an email about a ‘Project’. It started with seeking as advice with regards to the purchase of [...]