FYXO Bicycle Calender 2017

The FYXO Bicycle Calendar is back from 2017 and it's packed from front to back with amazing bikes from around the world.   The [...]

The first bike

Everyone remembers their first - well so they say. I had trike, then bikes, but my blue 20" Hallmark BMX is [...]

Lino Messori

Great little doco on a little known legend. http://vimeo.com/109480079

Rossin Vol I

This project has come to life just in time for this years L'Eroica. Frame and fork supplied, the build request was [...]

Summer Wind – Cinelli SC

The back story of how the Cinelli pantographed pieces came into my hands - or more accurately how they nearly didn't [...]

Next stop – L’Eroica

L'Eroica.  Pron: Le Roy E Ka.   It seems like an eternity ago that I packed my bag and bike for [...]

Cinelli Laser-ama

Cicli Berlinetta - Laser for sale

Hey Presto!

It's been a long time between fixed wheel builds around here. Presto's origins are from the Nether' lands with a full [...]

Tommasini Toscana

On the subject of Tommasini, a fine example is this 2nd tier Prestige with a very clean Campagnolo Super/Nuovo Record gruppo. [...]

Second chances

One of the great things about restorations is the second chance a relic can lead after it’s abandoned or abused previous life. [...]

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

  Like many kids I can vividly recall writing out my wish list.    Whatever the wishes or their number, few ever ended [...]

Cinelli LASERed

There was a time when anything Bono touched turned to gold, now it turns to naff. Cinelli is donating this ‘LASER Nostra’ to an auction at Sotheby’s for RED which celebrates the best of design and innovation.     All I see is some poorly photochopped valve holes.   […]

Down in the drops.

Boom! Sometimes the outtakes convey the day better.    

Moda di Milano

Milan has a lot to be proud of. It's the home of Masi, Cinelli, Prada, Valentino, and Versace to name but [...]


1989's the number. Sound of the funky drummer.     Brainfreeze. Nothing beats a 7-Eleven slurpee on a hot [...]

Back to School

The Cinelli SC.  A true classic in the world of bicycle design. The owner of this ride had a Cinelli SC [...]


CUTTERS! Inspired by Breaking Away's trio that won the Little 500. Thanks to the amazing Elly Franks for providing the flair. [...]

L’Eroica – There is only one

L’Eroica. It happens but once a year. For some time now I’ve been addicted to the bikes that swarm to this town to [...]

In Pursuit of Period Correctness

I wrote this piece for RIDE magazine’s ‘Retro Review’ a few editions past.  This would have to be one of the most [...]