The first time I heard of Gianna Motta it was not from the annals of the Giro D’Italia.  It was by means of a postcard.  One I still have to this day.

Taliah Lampert did a series of Bicycle Paintings of friends, family and bicycle messengers bikes around the time I was ‘living’ in NYC.  One stand out example was a track bike, resplendent in the American star and stripes flag.  The card is buried somewhere in the carton of items from my #messlife.

The power of Art gallery


Owned by Ceya, anyone who lurked on the fixed aisle of around the time will recognise the handle and it’s owners passion for bikes.

Though not a Somec, the flair that this frame possesed is what led me to the even more flamboyant Italian marque.

The NOS Somec Promax in the gallery above was a custom build with a full compliment of Campagnolo and Cinelli, styled as if it was own ride.  Which is not to say I have style.

Art is a powerful medium of influence.


Bici: Somec Promax / Campagnolo 11s

Bidon: Absolut FYXO

Modello:  Lotdeux.