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FYXO Coffee Portafilter by Gonzlab


Ode to coffee - and bicycles - and making stuff. You don't have to look far in the respective [...]


It's always good to remind yourself how bikes of today got to where they are, how incredibly light, strong and [...]


Like all Speedvagen's it features those curvy stays, stainless facets to protect the paint at contact points, BESERKER rear dropouts. The tubing is selected from True Temper and Columbus, drawn to super thin wall thickness for an incredibly light weight. The downtube is bi-axially ovalized akin to my favourite tubeset of old - Columbus MAX.

PROVA CYCLES Singlespeed Columbus MTB

  PROVA Cycles Mark Hester has had a sizeable career to date in 'making' things.  Inspired at a young age by [...]

Cannondale R1000si Road Bike

Most of my earlier experience with Cannondale's was from working in a bike shop in London at the beginning of the new Millenium. Evans Cycles, The Cut to be precise. When they weren't getting stolen off the shop floor and sold on Sundays at Brick Lane market, then were coming back - cracked where the shop moniker for these became 'Crack and Fail'.

SPEEDVAGEN ROAD – Surprise Me 2015

SPEEDVAGEN ROAD - KATAKANA CAMOUFLAGE This rolling piece of art from Portland is one of the resulting Speedvagen [...]

Busyman Bicycles – Humble Bee buzzing with leather

  Busyman Bicycles A long time ago, Mick Peel - who'd I'm come to know from Swap Meets would always [...]

ALFA CICLI | Number One

  ALFA CICLI | ONE In the 1990's, if you owned a mountain bike there was a few elements that [...]

Stars Collide | Speedvagen x BAUM

    When Stars Collide Towards the end of the 2015 Speedvagen Fit tour I managed to align the stars [...]

Eddy Merckx MXL Leader | Motorola Cycling Team

This is a project piece from 2011, coming off the heels of an actual Phil Anderson Team Bike restoration that graced the [...]

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