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It’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself.  Ask any Speedvagen owner and it’s something that is a constant – feeling part of something bigger than just the bike – something special.  Call it community or even cult – this relationship starts at the top with lead builder Sacha White, and it passed through the ranks and tubes to the new owners.   The lost art of written communication delivered via post is a reminder, that every family member is a valued one.  Sacha has a bell which is rung with each Speedvagen sale – communicating the excitement to the workshop of the opportunity to build another great bike for the latest member of a growing family, with relatives all over the world.

During the Melbourne leg of the 2015 SVFITTour, there were numerous opportunities to engage with Speedvagen at their week long HQ at Shifterbikes gallery, as well as sharing communion on the group rides and tour ending party.    As a fly on the wall it was great to see the aligning of another local legend –  Mick Peel become just another element to the recipe of builds on the horizon.

For current family members it was a chance to reconnect, swap tales from the saddle and break bread.    The Vanilla Workshop has an incredible knack for making the distance between Portland and wherever Speedvagen owners maybe – small.   It’s a nice reminder that even as the brand is growing, they cherish the relationships with owners past and future.

The SVFitTour is about to touch down for the South East Asia leg and the team have since added the SV OG-1 string to their bow, further reducing the wait time and entry point to own a Unicorn.   Matte finishes never looked so appealing.

As gorgeous as they look, Sacha says “If your Speedvagen isn’t racing, attacking, bonking, crashing…if it hasn’t been scratched, scuffed, marred and covered in dirt and snot, you’re simply doing it wrong.”   I stole that quote from Playboy.  I read it for the articles.


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