Project Description

This De Rosa was a second hand score from Hillary Stone and it looked like it’d been dragged under a truck, and then left to rust when it landed.   The rust turned out to be mostly superficial and when it returned from plating and paint – the results speak for themselves.

An early classic from one of the founding fathers of Italian framebuilding, this model features the heart in seat stays and fork crown.

The original plan was to use a NIB Campagnolo Super Record ensemble I’d sourced from L’Eroica in 2013 but like all plans – detours are taken and the brakeset was substituted for a highly exotic pantographed version.

De Lightful De Rosa gallery blog
De Lightful De Rosa gallery blog

When I was in Gaiole for the L’Eroica weekend, I was fortunate enough to meet the legend behind the Almarc leather wrap, a name synonmous with high-end racing bikes through the 80s.    This family run business is still producing leather goods, and will cover a set of bars for you if you ship them.

The bars were mocked up with brake levers, remove lever, secure the clamp into position, pack and ship to Italia and weeks later – they arrived looking more magnificent than ever.

Grazie Mille, Almarc!

Heart of gold

The only piece of the puzzle supplied that wasn’t perfect was the stem.  Originally polished, then anodised, the finish was a little milky so it was returned to a polished finish.

The Regal Girardi perforated saddle is one I’d had stashed for years, and it finished the bike beautifully with a period aesthetic.  Same for the NOS Campagnolo white leather toe straps.

As the sun was setting on the day it was to ship I grabbed some shot during the golden hour.  If you see it rolling around Brisbane be sure to say che bellisima!



  • 1972 De Rosa frame / fork
  • Campagnolo Super Record gruppo
  • Campagnolo Super Record Titanium pedals / Alloy clips / Leather straps
  • De Rosa pantographed brake levers
  • Campagnolo Record / Wolber Aspen rims / Clement SUPER CONDOR tubulars
  • 3ttt DE ROSA Record stem
  • 3ttt Super Competizione Bars
  • Almarc leather bar wrap
  • San Marco Regal Girardi saddle
  • Regina Super Leggeri Hollow Pin chain
  • Regina ORO 6 speed freewheel
  • Paint – Sungraphics
  • Decals – Cyclomondo