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Busyman Bicycles

A long time ago, Mick Peel – who’d I’m come to know from Swap Meets would always swoop up every used saddle I had and recover them.  It was around the height of what you might describe as the fixie renaissance (pre-fixie apocalypse).   At the time he was a lecturer in fashion design at RMIT and this was purely a hobby that combined his passions – cycling and the broad arena of creating.

After a few successful saddles he asked if could recover a saddle for me, and I was thrilled at the idea.  He used an extremely supple hide from lamb to recover a Rolls Titanio which was incredible – but did not go the distance in terms of durability which is how he came to his current preference for Kangaroo hide for Busyman Bicycles.

Here’s a shot of it in situ on one of my former pleasure crafts.

Busyman Bicycles   Humble Bee buzzing with leather


Around the same time someone handballed a stack of pro-team musettes from their recent european adventure my way.  I told Mick about them and he had the idea to transform them into a dress – voila!

Busyman Bicycles   Humble Bee buzzing with leather


One saddle led to another, then another and some years ago he left the world of teaching behind to pursue Busyman Bicycles full-time – yet seeing these shots of his early projects and ‘prototypes’ from it feels like yesterday.

It seems there isn’t a BAUM that rolls out of Seabright st without Busyman Bicycles saddle or bartape, or both.  Increasingly the likes of Speedvagen, Mosaic, and even Richard Sachs are wrapped with them  (ATMO).



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Green and gold on this Kurve set for @abovecategory & @baumcycles

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If there is a moral to this post it’s that humbling following your passion can lead to many things.

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Busyman Bicycles   Humble Bee buzzing with leather

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