Project Description


Breaking Away is for bikes what MAD MAX is for cars.   Or maybe Vanishing Point,  Cannonball Run, Smokey and Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard, The Fall Guy, Nite Rider.  A plethora of movies and shows exist that create cult motor vehicles, instilling them deep into the imagination of kids of all ages – however for those with a passion for two wheels there are far fewer examples, even fewer oscar winning ones.

This isn’t the first Breaking Away replica seen here.  Carlo Pickerini’s MASI Prestige project was a lengthy document to a very high level of detail.  It is still one of my favourite project builds. However it had some shortcomings when directly comparing it to the movie bike and that’s where this project puts its nose into the wind.

The owner of this bike, James Sage turned the internet inside out for references to the original which culminated in liaising with the owner of the movie bike – none other than Dennis Christopher which he failed to return after the movie had been shot – or so the story goes.  A parallel to life in the pro’s.

There are some rarities on this bike that set it apart from your standard project and noting them will only highlight the lengths that have gone into making a steel copy of the movie machine.  There is even a reference to the movie in the gallery above  – if you can pick it.

Paint was sourced from the original Masi paint shop in California, as well as the transfers and sprayed by Steve Munyard at Sun Graphics who does nothing short of superb work every time with a modicum of fuss.

Since assembling and shooting the ‘completed’ bike, a fork to match the crown of the original was constructed by none other than the late Brian Bayliss and will be installed in the future.   One other detail (spare tubular) was not supplied for the above photos and is shown in this studio shot by an Adelaide photographer below.

BREAKING AWAY with Masi Campagnolo Record gallery blog



There is one incredibly small difference we know of with this finished result and the movie bike other than the patina of nearly 40 years.  If you think you can spot them, leave a comment.

Assembled and shot by FYXO with a Cinzano in one hand – wrench in the other.