Each Sunday for some time there was a local meet up of American Muscle at the end of my street and one car stood out from the pack.  The Dodge Challenger.

It wasn’t just the lines of the body, it was the dazzling metallic ‘plum crazy’ finish.  Good enough for a steel frame with four wheels, good enough for a steel frame with two.

The two wheeled version in this instance is equipped with a modern Campagnolo 11s groupset – the Naomi Klein version, and finished with NOS Cinelli XA stem and Giro D’Italia bars.

I loved this project so much I drew inspiration for my own Eurosport road bike from it.


Plum Crazy Tommasini gallery

Plum Crazy 1970 Dodge Challenger


For the velospotters:

  • Tommasini ‘Super Prestige’ SLX frame and Columbus AIR fork – 57cm
  • Campagnolo 11s groupset
  • Campagnolo Chorus hubs to H+Son TB-14 with custom MAVIC Open 4 CD decals.
  • Vittoria Open Corsa
  • Cinelli XA stem
  • Cinelli Giro D’Italia bars
  • San Marco Rolls titanium saddle
  • Salvation Jane / Patterson’s Curse