The Plenty Gorge has a special place in my heart.  It was the first place I explored on MTB.  The first time I ‘got air’ over a water bump down ‘big hill’ on my steel Hallmark clunker.

At it’s heart lies Blue Lake, which is neither blue nor a lake and is wrapped by a serpent of water that is the Plenty River.  Urban legend clouds this mystical hole in the ground and the stories are are plentiful are they are far fetched.

The trails were once used in the 90s for Fat Tyre Flyer races, and the training grounds of a future prodigy named Cadel who lived around the corner.

The network of dirt linking more dirt has grown significantly since the 90’s – the trails on the SM side alone are enough to keep one amused for a solid hour of power.  Perhaps the real treasure of this location is that it’s nestled in an otherwise suburban existence that disappears beyond the first line of flora.

Then there is the added delight of encounters like this.  Kangaroos are a certainty, as are Wallabies, and over the past year I’ve seen echidnas, foxes, galahs, cockatoos, rabbits, tortoise, a tiger snake.


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It’s actually Plenty George  – named after a local Greek legend, distant cousin of Eric Trail.

FYXO’s growing list of AOA’s took a spin around the segments in our current season styles.  Thanks to Bridget and Paul for bringing the braap.

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