If you’ve been in vintage bike scene in Australia long enough there is no doubt you have heard the name Farren.  If you are lucky enough you might have even had the chance to view the collection in the flesh at the warehouse in Richmond where it is housed.

The eccentric Paul and energetic Charlie are champions of cycling culture and live it day to day.

Bicycling through Time is an account in words and imagery of their collection.  You can own it here.


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I met Paul and Charlie Farren at the first Australian L’Eroica is 2006, and in a small world scenario it turns out my Mum had day to day dealings with Paul when he was an orthodontist.  My Grandpa, an engineer of metallurgy and maker of many other things had agreed to draw Paul spokes for his Penny Farthing as his only other option had been to import them from the UK for 10 times the price.  Sadly, my Grandpa passed away before those spokes saw the hub of that Penny, and 30 years has passed since that crossing of wires.