Fell in love with a girl

First, some magic from Jack White and Michel Gondry. Red hair with a curl     The first time I rode [...]

Wake me up before you go-go Campagnolo!

Photos: John Watson / The Radavist. Seems like an eternity ago I parted ways with this beautiful old frame.  At the [...]

The power of Art

The first time I heard of Gianna Motta it was not from the annals of the Giro D'Italia.  It was by [...]

Hey Presto!

It's been a long time between fixed wheel builds around here. Presto's origins are from the Nether' lands with a full [...]

Tommasini Toscana

On the subject of Tommasini, a fine example is this 2nd tier Prestige with a very clean Campagnolo Super/Nuovo Record gruppo. [...]

The Samurai’s Sword

I'll never forget the first time I saw this bike.  It stood out amongst all others down at DISC for Northcote [...]

Andy Hampsten 7-Eleven Eddy Merckx

You know you've got too many bikes when you forget this is tucked away. Books have been devoted to the [...]

A Penny for your thoughts.

EXTRA-ORDINARY The latest Bicycles Roadshow features the GL4130ZZSL Penny Farthing, from origin, through fabrication to the owners intention. You can view [...]

Exploring the Tour Down Under

The Tour Down Under has be one of the great Australian mancations. Bikes, hills, food, wine, sun AND there is a [...]

KUMO 650B Trailbreaker

Keith of Kumo Cycles own weapon of choice. With travel the major focus, he constructed a 650B single speed for all terrains.   [...]

Barbed for your pleasure

AT's Pegoretti Duende with 'Guantanamo' paint. This is a real sleeper and one of the nicer 'black' bikes I've seen.  The [...]

Best Friends Forever

It feels like an eternity ago I got an inside tip on an ebay auction which resulted in me becoming the [...]

Eddy Merckx Panasonic Tribute

This beauty was at the Australian Road National Championships on the weekend, freshly signed to complete the trio of signatures adorning [...]

2013 – The year of CX

My first 'CX' bike was a modified track bike with knobbies.  It had a 55" gearing or thereabouts and no brakes. [...]

De Rosa Drop in

Ugo De Rosa, the Legend. The Eddy Merckx 'SUPER CORSA' is original and one of Eddy's former bikes.  It's battered state [...]

A bit on the side

I bought my first Trek back in the 90s.  It was a Thursday morning, I'd just bought the Trading Post and [...]

TK’s Richard Sachs Pista

It wasn't so long ago on the old FYXOmatosis site I posted images of this frameset and a story to go [...]

Land Shark

The first time I crossed paths with a Land Shark it was in the basement of a house I was couch [...]

Hufnagel CX

One of the locals at Golden Saddle Cyclery / Social Club rolled through on this.   I'd seen it before on [...]

Track Tiger

The tiger is patient, powerful and explosively fast.  Josiah Ng is a Track Tiger, the national animal of his nation.   His success is the [...]