Second Spin Vintage MTB

  The Radavist took a time machine to 1991 to uncover a lair of vintage MTB beauties.  Second Spin has an incredible tangible document [...]

SINGLESPEED Zebra Crossing

Rare Beast Spotted in the Wild It wasn't that long ago the 26" was THE standard wheel size, and you don't have to [...]

Speedvagen Vitamin C

  Waiting in the wings Just what the doctor ordered. Nothing like some vitamin SV to keep you [...]

Australian Madison Championships / Austral 2015

The Austral / Australian Madison Championships were run and won in ridiculous heat - a scorching 42 degrees was the days [...]

Eddy Merckx Team Weinmann

This bike has some history. Sourced NOS from the bunker of a Belgium bicycle store for a friend back in the [...]

Hazzard County

Unless you were born yesterday, there is no need to point out the obvious inspiration for this machine. I can date [...]

Plenty Gorge is not Plenty George

The Plenty Gorge has a special place in my heart.  It was the first place I explored on MTB.  The first [...]

Climb the Mountain

The Pinarello name is a staple of the Italian bike scene.  Giovanni Pinarello put money he was awarded from winning the [...]

BT Blade Prototype

BT - Bike Technologies has been the choice of the Australian Track Cycling team for years, and in 2016 they will [...]

A legend set in stone

Mapei Colnago C40 As Colnago releases the flagship C60 frameset, it is perhaps fitting to peer back two decades to the [...]


My early 'cycling cool' was handicapped severely by my loving parents. My first Hallmark MTB came in the same cardboard box [...]

Don’t ride upgrades – buy upgrades

I think that's what Eddy said?  Or was it 'Don't buy upgrades...' The Columbus tubed beauty featured is 'Straight outta Belgium', and [...]

Concorde PDM Squadra

Concorde PDM Squadra PDM Team Columbus TSX Frame dimensions: 57cm square c-c Ultech dropouts - Cinelli Cast lugs - Concorde pantographed [...]

A Rough Diamond

I've followed Ewen Gellie of Gellie Custom Bicycles for years, vicariously through the people that own and love them.  Track bikes, Mountain bikes, [...]

Somec EL OS

Somec SLX

55cm square c-c Columbus SLX Complete SOMEC pantographed Campagnolo C Record ensemble - pedals and straps INCLUDED. Assos tubular rims Turbo [...]

Somec Starboard

Days of Thunder

#kitspiration It can come from anywhere - at anytime. The Daytona R/T jersey is one of the fresh designs this summer [...]


PMS 1837 is the colour of Happiness.  Or in this case, a custom Kenevans of Columbus pipes with classic Campagnolo - built [...]

GSC & The Concrete Jungle

The last time I was in Los Angeles was on the evening of the Rodney King verdict. My other perceptions of [...]