FYXO. New and improved

Welcome to the new FYXO. V8.

I started this corner of the internet in 2004.  My brother, a man of many talents had dabbled with building websites and in no time at all I had my own website that wasn’t a www.geocities.com/forest/33556/lawn/picnicarea/index.html.

There was no WYSIWYG editor, so adding content meant a crash course in HTML.

That first site was a splash page with a gallery and my email address.  It stayed the same for a year.

The web was coming along in leaps and bounds and the next version my brother appropriated a template from some design thread, developed a CMS and handed me the keys.  It was a clunky thing to drive, but at least this one had a dashboard.

Thanks to the waybackmachine there is all manner of web grabs of iterations of the site.  Looking back they all look like variations of this.


The second iteration had what you would now call a blog and a gallery.  A few years down the road a hotch potch store was added and shortly after that I moved to joomla CMS which made adding content incredibly easy and at the time was pretty advanced.

It had musak players, polls, gif’s, the odd NSFW content spliced into banners, a discussion forum, a login for extra content (the lead balloon) and was a veritable smorgasbord of online experimentation.  All self taught which generally meant breaking things along the way.   This included accidentally deleting all the content created by a particular ‘username’ I had.   That was painful.   The website was a unorganised mess, chaotic thoughts and a total shotgun approach.   The site has crashed more times than I care to remember, particularly when Melburn Roobaix registration went from ‘turn up on the day’ to pre-registration.

I’ve upgraded the versions and templates over time but I’ve never really been happy, as each modification was a bandaid approach, and though I can bake bread if need be, I’m not a pastry chef.   It was time to get the Zumbo’s of the internet involved, and on the verge of a decade online it was definitely time.

For the greater part of this online journey I was a bike courier/messenger, living in all corners of the world and the content was heavily concentrated on it.  Over that time I’ve seen blogs come, and I’ve seen them go and not for the longest time did I think that it was something you could call a ‘job’.

I’d started as a bike courier in London after my marketing contract ended and did it for nearly 2 years before my work visa demanded I came home. I picked up the 2-way radio again in Melbourne shortly after a depressing stint working in a call center for a bike company.   It wasn’t long before I got the travel bug again and headed for Vancouver to work on the road, which turned into a stint in San Francisco, New York, back to London and then home – Melbourne.

During that time the only merchandise I was selling was hand screened t-shirts I’d started making in the kitchen of a friends house in San Francisco.  That expanded to vintage track frames and parts when I stayed in Melbourne long enough to catch my breath. Around the same time I started organising fun rides, bike bbq’s and swap meets – and one particular bike ride called Melburn Roobaix.


I wanted to ditch the ..matosis for many years as like my brothers name, about 1% of people spelt it correctly.  Some so-and-so had the forward thinking to take the fyxo.com domain so it’s fyxo.co.

I wanted to integrate the site with the other events we (my amazingly talented wife and I) do and combine a single site with moods to reflect each event.  First and foremost I wanted it to be appealing to digest the images and words that have definited fyxo since, well – forever.

Just like the controversial change from #555555 grey to white they are here to stay.

To give you a brief run down, here’s how things are organised.


Big images of all the long form FYXO content.

Long rides, classic bikes, events and more from past and future escapades.  Galleries atop each story with words and images that flow through by using a click of your mouse or the arrow keys.  You can even purchase your favourite FYXO images*.

Maybe even the occasional guest gallery from other clickers of cameras that I think you will like.

The featured reports will appear on the home page, the most recent 4 in the menu and for all of the reports. Check out the archive.


This is the BLOG of short form content.  Snippets from the web,  shared stories, videos, random pularva related in varying degrees to cycling.   A bit of everything.

Check out the Dispatches archive here.


Where it all began.   Where words tell the story.  Thumbnails are automagically shown and click / arrow keys scroll through.  You can purchase your favourite FYXO images* for the pool room / man cave.

* Most images, but not all are available for sale.


Keeps the FYXO machine ticking.  Our BigCommerce powered e-commerce engine is a stable as a marble bench top, and now with paypal express check out – is faster than Chris Hoy in the final straight.

The FYXO store is mobile friendly for those of you who loved to use your smartishphones to shop.

FYXO cycling kit, t-shirts, accesories, bidons, FYXO lights, Cycle Underground chainrings, and more on the way.  It’s all good.


A search and more.  Contact details, social media streams, tag cloud, or join the mailing list.  It’s all right there at the top right.

Melburn Roobaix  & ACBS

These events now have their own dedicated sites to explore.


I make no small secret that I’m a very lucky individual.  For a start I live in Australia!  Yet, it is not enough to be lucky.  You need to make your own luck,  allow it to happen and believe you are worth it.  I can’t help wonder what the cultural fabric of cycling in Melburn would look like if people like myself chose not to follow their passion and share it with others.  If I didn’t decide to start taking photos of strangers on my track bike back in the summer of ’03 this journey may have never even left the curb.  Over the past decade over 1 million individuals have visited this address on the internets, and while it is impossible to thank you all, it’s been a priviledge to swap emails, meet many of you in the real world, cross paths and even ride with.

I hope you enjoy looking around the new site and let me know what you think.  Bear in mind I’m still learning to steer it and migrating the old content to this site so it looks sharp means starting from scratch.  If there is a piece you miss – send me a request to recreate it in RGB.

Ride safe.