My early ‘cycling cool’ was handicapped severely by my loving parents.

My first Hallmark MTB came in the same cardboard box that all bikes still come in, and both my brothers bike and mine fit neatly into the trunk of my Mum’s ZH Marquis.    Clear as day I can visual Dad assembling them in our lounge room.

This was the same car that my kid brother thought it’d be nice to clean for Mum while she was at work – so we did.  Using kitchen scourers…

Frankie gallery


My folks have always had an amazing ability to keep things in order and my Dad told us to keep the protective plastic sleeves on the bikes as to protect the paintwork, akin to plastic couch covers.   Believe it or not, I do not have this trait.

As soon as we got around the first corner my brother ripped them off and I was horrified at such dissent.  What was Dad going to do?!  ‘I’ll just say they fell off’ quipped my brother, clearly eons ahead of me in many regards.

The other handicap to ‘cycling cool’ was the wire basket I used to collect the rolls, sliced ham, milk and newspaper from the local shops for my Mum.  This was a time when the local shops had a butcher and baker.  I’d take the basket off whenever the chance arose for fear of being seen with it on my bike.   This chore and chance to explore may have been the fertile ground for my career in courieringering.

Whether it was the copper brown or the basket, this ladies bike brought up these fond memories of where my affair with the bicycle began.


Francesca Moser

‘Frankie’ was sourced from the cobbles streets of Granciclismo HQ,  complete – but not as you see it.  Originally with a bizarre bow shaped 3ttt handlebar and Campagnolo brake levers, it was an impractical riding position.  The tubular wheelset was switched for a classic pair of TB-14 clinchers and fresh rubber.

Brooks for all the contact points in black tie in neatly with the black rims and black anodised stem.

Frankie gallery


Like many Moser’s of the past, the frame is covered with lovely details and accents highlighted in the gallery at the top.



  • Francesco Moser Donna Telaio
  • Silca Impero frame pump
  • Campagnolo Super Record shifters
  • Campagnolo Record Headset
  • 3ttt ‘F.Moser’ Stem
  • Velo Orange Tourist handlebar
  • VO Bicycle Bell / modified
  • Tektro brake levers
  • Brooks Handlebar grips
  • Campagnolo Record low flange hubs
  • TB-14 rims
  • Veloflex Master tyres
  • O.M.A.S. bottom bracket
  • Campagnolo Super Record crankset 170mm.  53/41t
  • D.I.D. Chain
  • Sachs freewheel
  • Campagnolo Nuovo Record derailleur
  • MKS pedali
  • Campagnolo 26.8 Super Record seat pillar
  • Brooks Saddle
  • Campagnolo Super Record brakes calipers
  • State Basket