This bike has some history.

Sourced NOS from the bunker of a Belgium bicycle store for a friend back in the day, if you look very closely you can make it out in this image – complete with Campagnolo Record and Shamals.



The real history lies with the team that raced them in 1991 – Wienmann.  This handsome chap, Laurenzo LaPage was one of the hired guns.  After hanging up the bike he has stayed in the cycling fraternity and is currently DS with Orica Green-Edge which is my flimsy connection with him from my time doing the rider portraits for the team launch back in 2012.


Eddy Merckx Team Weinmann gallery


Team Weinmann used Eddy Merckx frames, equipped with EDCO components and I figured the next best thing would be some delicious Du-rachee from the period.

This is one of the most stunning Merckx’s I’ve had the pleasure of assembling.  The lavendor and rose really pop – just the like the purple and pink of the frames.   The 7s indexed shifting is fantastic, and the original factory paint is in stunning shape.

If you ever desired a sweet Sunday classic roller, you could do a lot worse.

Contact FYXO if with your interest.  A swathe of images are awaiting in the gallery above.




Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra ‘TEAM WEINMANN’

56cm Columbus MAX

Dura Ace 7402 ensemble / 7s SIS

Turbo perforated saddle

3ttt Columbus Cro-mo TIG stem

3ttt Competizione bars

Campagnolo RECORD rims

Vittoria Rally tubulars

Elite Inox cages