My ex-girlfriend.

Rare as rocking horse shit, this track version of the famed MXL road frames was the result of a red-eyed ebay auction that I won in the last 20 seconds from a seller in NYC back in 2007.   I had the road version in an equally rare black paint scheme, and when this came up I put my bid boxing gloves on and punched well above my weight.

Once she landed I slowly accumulated parts that were more and more trick.  Various wheelsets, cranksets, stems, saddles, and finally the pantographed Cinelli stem, and NOS C-Record Sheriff stars as shown here.

The losing bidder of that auction waited patiently and one day posed the question if I would part ways with her.   I immediately declined, and the reconsidered. She’d been gathering dust as I’d spent no time on the boards in recent memory.  The price was right and the rest is history.

I check up on her from time to time and she’s doing better than ever.

Eddy Merckx MXL Pista gallery


If you have time on your hands and like classic Eddy Merckx frames, spend some time on Steely Fan’s Flickr.  Amazing.