How to change a flat tyre / tire.
PUBLISHED: Apr 15, 2014
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  • Jamie McKeon

    swear i recognize that guy from somewhere

  • CyclingNerd

    This is too awesome!

  • fyxo

    Tool Time. Tim Allen.

  • Kym bo

    Don’t feed the Lance! Remember the adage ‘No such thing as bad publicity’ ??

  • fyxo

    Oh, don’t I know it. He’ll be back on top by this time next year.

  • Kym bo

    I guess it’s like 29ers or Fat bikes; a big enough ego will smooth out any bump

  • Jerry Onslow

    He was a far better rider* than he is a mechanic.

    *Mandatory asterisk that has to appear whenever his name is used.

  • Oli Brooke-White

    I’m pretty sure he was innocent.