‘Making their way the only way they know how’


Under the Charger Orange paint and the GENERAL LEE custom decals lies the most well known FYXO ‘fixie’.

I bought the original rosso red Omega track bike from the Trading Post in 2003.  I think the listing went something like TRACK BIKE with spare set of wheels. $250.  I couldn’t get on the phone fast enough but as I’d searched the online version of the buying and selling digest it was actually in Sydney.  Fortune would have it I was going to Sydney for an alleycat and to hang out with one of my original courier mates from London.  I called the seller that night (Wednesday) and sealed the deal.  Since I searched online I beat the print copy which came out each Thursday, and beat someone to it who I’d cross paths with years later and is a friend for life.  That story another time.

It was in very good original condition when I made the transaction, slightly dusty if I could find a fault.  A complete Suntour Superbe groupset throughout and a spare set of Campagnolo road or BMX hubs that had been converted to a track wheelset.  I didn’t know much about frame sizing but I ‘made’ it fit.

After a year in Melburn, I took her to Vancouver to work as a courier, then San Francisco, New York, London (again) and Berlin.  In that time I raced her on the track, many an alleycat, skid competitions, the Singlespeed World Championships, NACCC in Montreal, CMWC in Edmonton and it was also the bike I did many road rides on. Countless kilometres passed beneath its tubes.   Not long after returning back to Melburn I was car doored whilst riding up the Collins street bike lane – by the police.

A broken collarbone was about the extent of the damage to me, with a few scratches to the frame, twisted bars and slightly out of alignment – though it may have been like that previous.

I initially envisaged a Molteni hour record replica look and organised it to be resprayed by Star Enamellers by a local bike shop.  This was replaced by a twist on my childhood dream machine – the General Lee.   What should have been a month long process to get the job done took over a year and I’d well and truly fallen out of love with the frame, the idea and the shop – that and she just wasn’t the right fit for me.

It lingered for a time as I had amassed a decent stash of track frames by now and I had the idea to build it up as a brakeless fixed CX machine.  There were few people riding track bikes on the street at the time, and even fewer riding fixed offroad.  It was the first bike Dan Hale worked on for me when he was working from the back of a shop in Malvern.  The front fork was swapped out for something that would allow for a 28mm tyre and with slightly more rake.  I was immediately impressed by his care and level of detail for the build – and he ‘got it’.

After a race or two at the Dirt Crits, the old Campagnolo headset was feeling the strain and was pitting badly so I pulled her apart and listed the frame for sale.  In between this time the GENERAL LEE decals had arrived that to the Godfather of Decals, Greg Softley.  It sold locally and I mentioned the stickers and the buyer was into the idea.

It was built up to his specifications and fortunately ‘Daisy’, a long time friend of FYXO was obliging.

The rest is history.


Of all the content posted on the old fyxomatosis V.2 site this one was the favourite.  By a Hazzard County mile.