What’s not to love about the Colnago Master Olympic.

Following the success of the Master, it featured elaborate DECOR paint schemes that turned heads and emptied savings accounts.

The first Colnago I ever owned was a Master Olympic – purchased from ebay.  When it arrived it had an unusual sticker on the top tube and as soon as I started to remove it, I knew why it had been placed there.  It was hiding a dent.  A cosmetic blemish, but frustrating as it certainly wasn’t in the auction description, and the seller pleaded ignorance.  One of many little lessons that headed me on the path to NOS or nothing.

Here’s a picture of it taken at work when I was a wheeled delivery person.

Colnago Master Olympic gallery


It was a nice bike and my first taste of Campagnolo.  Chorus monoplanar brakes, rare Croce D’Aune graphite cranks and Record 8s ergowpower.  The Rigida rims double as excellent door stops.




This is a reboot of a past project featuring a pristine example of Ernesto’s work, with a complete Campagnolo Chorus ensemble.


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Colnago Master Olympic gallery