BT – Bike Technologies has been the choice of the Australian Track Cycling team for years, and in 2016 they will reveal the latest rig to be taken to Rio for the Olympic Games, to be ridden to great speeds by Anna Meares and the Cyclones.

BT is based in Bundoora – about a Driver, 1 iron from my home if the wind is blowing favourably.

This prototype frame is one of a limited (2) BT’s to feature black decals as opposed to the standard Yellow.  Built up with spare parts lying around – Campagnolo C Record cranks, anodised black to suit the stealth appearance, carbon riser bars, MTB lock on grips, Patebury Double straps and some black wheels to finish the build.  The Wipperman chain was passed down to me by the Lord Gonz, and was on of my work bikes for years, and has seen snow, sleet and a lot of sunshine in that time.  Now it’s getting me to the post office and back.