The Grupetto Show – Episode 1

Put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy. https://youtu.be/XgVpxS7vQx8

Bikeshare is back!

  Less the price of a flat white That's right!  Melburn's unofficial currency is coffee, and in this town there isn't much greater bang for [...]


POP-UP SALE / ONE DAY ONLY FYXO has once again teamed up with Pedla for a cycling sale you won't want to miss. When:  Saturday [...]

Congestion and Conjecture

I usually steer clear of posting bad news within the cycling sphere.  Ignorance can be blissful.  Sometimes bad news is avoidable. This week a young man in the prime of his life was car doored on Sydney Rd, Brunswick and it ended his life. The news hit home for many reasons. I describe ‘the road’ as the most dangerous place I know.  I made a career during the 00’s braving the streets to deliver parcels to make a dollar in cities that are known for being unforgiving.  London, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York.   You learn a lot about the road as a bike messenger, from experiences, other messengers and their tips and tricks, and from many close calls.  I thought I’d mastered the flow of traffic and its nuances, knowing where to be on the road, making myself seen, and invisible when necessary, yet it was back home in Melbourne,  in the bike lane on Collins st shortly after returning home that I was car doored, by the police and thrown into the middle of the street.  A passing taxi swerved, and managed to only run over my foot.  The impact broke my collar bone. The initial police report lodged said the cyclist was at fault – which came under enquiry and is another story completely. It was a shocking reminder that accidents can happen when you least expect it, and when you are doing the right thing. […]

Bicycle Swap Meet!

  Long overdue! Get down to Brunswick Velodrome for another edition of the Bicycle Swap Meet. This one will be car boot style [...]

Melburn Custom Bicycle Show

Melburn Custom Bicycle Show

A short story about a long ride

  Almost 5 years to the day I put out an open invite to ride from Melbourne to Warrnambool, and back in a weekend.  The ‘Double Warny’. This is the story of that weekend. […]

Merckx vs Martini

Eddy doesn't care that it's not Monday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyinGsu5Q5A

Points Bonus! Continue…

http://vimeo.com/112962674   An old courier friend told me the best thing about the job was it was like being in your own [...]

Dream a little dream of Mapei

    If you have ever dreamed of owning a Colnago Mapei then this may be your lucky day. This pristine example of [...]

Dudes of Hazzard

This one pulls at my heartstrings.  The kids are alright. http://vimeo.com/112175578 Stolen from The Radavist.

Raleigh Ti – Retro Review

      As I'm thrashing out the words to accompany the upcoming Retro Review I stumbled upon this gem from a Ride [...]


  Every Thursday.  7am. Meet at 'The Gate' for a 2~ hour rip around the trails of Plenty Gorge.   For Stravaphiles you [...]

Lino Messori

Great little doco on a little known legend. http://vimeo.com/109480079

Plan B / Golden Saddle Cyclery

http://vimeo.com/107930426   Love it!

The air is free – the pump is not.

  Silca has the bike corner of the internet a buzz with their latest offering - The Super Pista Ultimate. The last time [...]


Only seconds left on the shot clock for the Allez Oop! Jersey. No more bibs or shoe covers.  Sorry, Mike.  

FYXO x Pedla Pop-Up Sale

FYXO and Pedla are having a Spring POP-UP Sale. 3 stages only. Thursday 11 & Friday 12 September  / 11am  - 6pm Saturday 13 [...]

I’ll have 9 more please


No shit bicycles…

  This is the needle in my haystack of photos. In 2004 I departed my home of Melburn with a goal of working around the world as a bike courier / messenger / delivery person. When this photo was taken in 2005, I’d done just that.  A stint in damp ol’ Vancouver for NOVEX, a stopover in Portland for an alleycat, another stint in San Francisco for Pelican Delivery, then to New York to work for A to Z, delivering food at night for the East Village institution of Mama’s  (I could write a book on that experience alone). I returned to London, the place my bike courier career began to work for Scream Couriers where King Donne and I dragged amongst other things,  portfolios and clothes bags from one end of London to the other with great speed. Between jobs, Donne and I would lament the weather, the money, the lack of work, the ridiculous size of jobs booked as standards, the lengths we’d go to collect a package, the near misses, the newbies, and the weather still over cups of tea as we’d stand by. When I had departed on this adventure, my bike (pictured above in red) was in great shape.   A year on the road, through deluges of rain, many feet of snow, sleet and hot summers had taken it’s toll.  Broken cogs, snapped stems, bearings ground to oblivion, worn chainrings, torn saddles and countless tyres and tubes. This was a time when my only bike was this track bike.  A lot of +1’s were to come. It was a great adventure that I recall fondly for the experiences it gave me and the people I met,  many of which are unlocked by finding a simple photo I thought I’d lost. […]