On the Plus Side

I played golf as a kid. A lot. My first golf club was a hickory shafted LEFT handed iron my Dad had. [...]

Motors? I’ll take three.

Cheating is not a new thing. Since caveman clubbed a sabertooth, since the very first Tour de France, people have sought to cut corners if it gave them an advantage.  Given the reward has always far outweighed the penalty it’s popularity has not dwindled. Keeping the use of drugs in sport on the sidelines today, the use of motors in bicycles is something new. What’s my 2c? I think the entire peloton should have one.   If everyone is cheating, no one gets an advantage, which is a similar train of thought that could, though shouldn’t apply for drugs in sport.  The development of better, smaller and more efficient motors will trickle down eventually to the people who need them most – commuters. Eddy Merckx believes a lifetime ban should be issued, but Eddy sometimes should be seen and not heard given he has a past all his own. Tip for new players. If you are going install a motor in your bike it has to be: 1.  Useful. 2. Quiet. 3. Undetectable. […]

Great taste in roads

There isn't someone in cycling who doesn't know someone who knows Cadel Evans.  I've been following the wheel of his career since the [...]

Win and Out!

  Coburg Velodrome is being converted into an Amphitheatre of Awesome. Read more at BEAT!

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

The latest version of the well loved FYXO 'King Bright lights are now in the shop. Buy FYXO 'KING BRIGHT Light V.5   [...]

Current mood

Can't keep a good man down. https://youtu.be/XxWG7FvlsYk   Current Mood - 5 Naughty Word count - 1

It’s not a car.

I've still got the framed poster of this automobile that hung on my wall through my teens.    It's not a car - [...]

Be a Goose!

Watching three kids riding a waterslide on BMX into a pool - does it get any better?


  POP-UP SALE //// One Stage Only JErseys + Jackets + Bibs + Tees + Shorts + Socks + Caps + More! WHEN: [...]

Virginia is for Lovers

... of Ice Cream! 5 scoops for Peter Sagan your 2015 World Champion!

How to #baaw

What's a BAAW? It's a Bike Against A Wall. Sometimes it's the wall, sometimes it's the bike, sometime it's both - and sometimes [...]

A brief history of…

A brief history of FYXO. Shortly after the death of my first track bike I was scouring the online version of the trading [...]

Hose Down: 7 Aug

Damian Auton is pushing the word of Warburton far and wide, and now with government funding this sleepy little village is set to become Mountain Bike Mecca. […]

Y2K Bug

  Almost immediately after the world didn't end in 2000, I quit my marketing role against the advice of my parents, bought a [...]

The Hose Down: 31 July

    A summation of the the week~ that was on the web mildly related to bicycles.   […]

#SVFitTour is coming to Australia

#SVFITTOUR One of the downsides to living on this amazing island Australian's call home is a mild sense of isolation from great places, people [...]

Tales of an Exenger – Vol 3

  Winter, 2005. Hardly seems fair to call it winter with no snow on the ground. The sun never flies high enough in [...]

2015 Melburn Roobaix – Event Report

Enough photos to sink a ship - the biggest ride report to date.  Enjoy!

The Campagnolo Project Bike Build

THE CAMPAGNOLO PROJECT Since forever I’ve been cobbling together classic builds, primarily with Campagnolo groupsets from the classic Corsa Record era.  There [...]

Between Two Bikes – Stuart O’Grady

Put the kettle on and enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebbFpBg4_BM