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Hose Down: 7 Aug

Damian Auton is pushing the word of Warburton far and wide, and now with government funding this sleepy little village is set to become Mountain Bike Mecca. […]

Y2K Bug

  Almost immediately after the world didn't end in 2000, I quit my marketing role against the advice of my parents, bought a [...]

The Hose Down: 31 July

    A summation of the the week~ that was on the web mildly related to bicycles.   […]

#SVFitTour is coming to Australia

#SVFITTOUR One of the downsides to living on this amazing island Australian's call home is a mild sense of isolation from great places, people [...]

BT Blade Prototype

BT - Bike Technologies has been the choice of the Australian Track Cycling team for years, and in 2016 they will [...]

A legend set in stone

Mapei Colnago C40 As Colnago releases the flagship C60 frameset, it is perhaps fitting to peer back two decades to the [...]

Tales of an Exenger – Vol 3

  Winter, 2005. Hardly seems fair to call it winter with no snow on the ground. The sun never flies high enough in [...]

2015 Melburn Roobaix – Event Report

Enough photos to sink a ship - the biggest ride report to date.  Enjoy!

The Campagnolo Project

Since forever I’ve been cobbling together classic builds, primarily with Campagnolo groupsets from the classic Corsa Record era.  There is no real prize [...]

The Campagnolo Project Bike Build

THE CAMPAGNOLO PROJECT Since forever I’ve been cobbling together classic builds, primarily with Campagnolo groupsets from the classic Corsa Record era.  There [...]

Between Two Bikes – Stuart O’Grady

Put the kettle on and enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebbFpBg4_BM

The Grupetto Show – Episode 1

Put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy. https://youtu.be/XgVpxS7vQx8

Bikeshare is back!

  Less the price of a flat white That's right!  Melburn's unofficial currency is coffee, and in this town there isn't much greater bang for [...]


POP-UP SALE / ONE DAY ONLY FYXO has once again teamed up with Pedla for a cycling sale you won't want to miss. When:  Saturday [...]


My early 'cycling cool' was handicapped severely by my loving parents. My first Hallmark MTB came in the same cardboard box [...]

Congestion and Conjecture

I usually steer clear of posting bad news within the cycling sphere.  Ignorance can be blissful.  Sometimes bad news is avoidable. This week a young man in the prime of his life was car doored on Sydney Rd, Brunswick and it ended his life. The news hit home for many reasons. I describe ‘the road’ as the most dangerous place I know.  I made a career during the 00’s braving the streets to deliver parcels to make a dollar in cities that are known for being unforgiving.  London, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York.   You learn a lot about the road as a bike messenger, from experiences, other messengers and their tips and tricks, and from many close calls.  I thought I’d mastered the flow of traffic and its nuances, knowing where to be on the road, making myself seen, and invisible when necessary, yet it was back home in Melbourne,  in the bike lane on Collins st shortly after returning home that I was car doored, by the police and thrown into the middle of the street.  A passing taxi swerved, and managed to only run over my foot.  The impact broke my collar bone. The initial police report lodged said the cyclist was at fault – which came under enquiry and is another story completely. It was a shocking reminder that accidents can happen when you least expect it, and when you are doing the right thing. […]

Bicycle Swap Meet!

  Long overdue! Get down to Brunswick Velodrome for another edition of the Bicycle Swap Meet. This one will be car boot style [...]

Melburn Custom Bicycle Show

Melburn Custom Bicycle Show

Don’t ride upgrades – buy upgrades

I think that's what Eddy said?  Or was it 'Don't buy upgrades...' The Columbus tubed beauty featured is 'Straight outta Belgium', and [...]

A short story about a long ride

  Almost 5 years to the day I put out an open invite to ride from Melbourne to Warrnambool, and back in a weekend.  The ‘Double Warny’. This is the story of that weekend. […]