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A Bike Room within a Room

The internet is full of people making the best of their personal spaces and like a true cycling tragic it was only the [...]

Thereabouts 3: Discovering Colombia | Gus & Lachlan Morton

Follow the footloose and fancy free adventure of the Morton's, Gus and Lachlan as they pedal through Colombia. Thereabouts 3 is the third [...]

Second Spin Vintage MTB

  The Radavist took a time machine to 1991 to uncover a lair of vintage MTB beauties.  Second Spin has an incredible tangible document [...]

WARLORD BattleAxe Tallbeast Trail Tool

'Trails don't build themselves' If you aren't the type to venture off bitumen, let alone gravel then this post may not interest you. [...]

Spring Cycling Apparel POP-UP SALE

  Get in quick!  From 9-12pm this Saturday at Coffee Supreme we will be have a spring POP-UP sale with lots of great [...]

BT ULTRA Track Frame

The BT ULTRA comes hot off the back of the Rio Olympics where it was ridden full tilt on the boards of the [...]

FYXO Bicycle Calender 2017

The FYXO Bicycle Calendar is back from 2017 and it's packed from front to back with amazing bikes from around the world.   The [...]

Melburn Bicycle Market

  What: A Market for Bicycles.  A Swap Meet.  IRL Ebay Market.  New and Old, Used and Abused. Makers of Bicycle Related articles [...]

How to make a coffee

Start your day in the same way.  It doesn't have to be a grind. Gonz shows us his tekneeks for making a piccolo [...]

MATHEW HAYMAN | Life in the Peloton

  Mitch Docker continues his series of insights with this amazing first of a two part interview with Mathew Hayman on the night [...]

MITCH DOCKER | Harder than an Arenberg Cobblestone.

Crashing and bike races go hand in hand - but when the guy who crashed is a great friend the reality of it [...]

SINGLESPEED Zebra Crossing

Rare Beast Spotted in the Wild It wasn't that long ago the 26" was THE standard wheel size, and you don't have to [...]

How to trackstand

Some many cyclists I know are still amazed at the most humble of cycling skills - the trackstand. Cyclingtips asked me to break [...]

Diamondback is Back!

Diamondback mountain bikes were the bike to own BITD. This fresh take on the brand makes me want to travel, ride and get a [...]

Speedvagen Vitamin C

  Waiting in the wings Just what the doctor ordered. Nothing like some vitamin SV to keep you [...]

Bumpity Bump Bump

Happy Friday! We've been smashing keys behind the scenes to give the site, shop and Melburn Roobaix sites a fresh look. Thank's for [...]

Friends who ride together, stay together.

Thanks to everyone who shared their cycling plus one's with us and our amazing urban cycling community. Great times shared in the saddle [...]

On the Plus Side

I played golf as a kid. A lot. My first golf club was a hickory shafted LEFT handed iron my Dad had. [...]

Motors? I’ll take three.

Cheating is not a new thing. Since caveman clubbed a sabertooth, since the very first Tour de France, people have sought to cut corners if it gave them an advantage.  Given the reward has always far outweighed the penalty it’s popularity has not dwindled. Keeping the use of drugs in sport on the sidelines today, the use of motors in bicycles is something new. What’s my 2c? I think the entire peloton should have one.   If everyone is cheating, no one gets an advantage, which is a similar train of thought that could, though shouldn’t apply for drugs in sport.  The development of better, smaller and more efficient motors will trickle down eventually to the people who need them most – commuters. Eddy Merckx believes a lifetime ban should be issued, but Eddy sometimes should be seen and not heard given he has a past all his own. Tip for new players. If you are going install a motor in your bike it has to be: 1.  Useful. 2. Quiet. 3. Undetectable. […]

Australian Madison Championships / Austral 2015

The Austral / Australian Madison Championships were run and won in ridiculous heat - a scorching 42 degrees was the days [...]